Come Away to Mauritius

Sitting in the Indian Ocean at about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius, officially known as The Republic of Mauritius, is made up of islands: Mauritius, Rodrigues, and the Outer Islands. The famous writer, Mark Twain, compared Mauritius to heaven – he said that heaven may have been modelled after Mauritius! With a glowing recommendation like that, who wouldn’t want to visit?

The warm, peaceful, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural people, the pristine beaches, and the year-round sunshine are not the only things to look forward to; the paradise country also has a wonderful cuisine and many natural and man-made attractions.


What to look forward to in Mauritius:

The Food: The Mauritian cuisine is a mix of Chinese, Indian, Creole, and European cuisines. Different groups of people migrated into Mauritius at different times and brought their own unique flavours and meals with them. Mauritius has some of the finest restaurants in Africa, and good food is always something to look forward to.

Mauritius Cusines

Sports: There are a range of sports available both on land and sea. There is snorkelling, mountain biking, mountain trekking, kayaking, cycling, horseback tours, golfing, and deep-sea fishing. We hear that Mauritius hosts the Marlin World Cup every year; how rad is that? They also have great golf courses, which you should plan to check out on your visit. P.S: The golf clubs have great restaurants.

World Heritage Sites: There are two UNESCO world heritage sites in the African country of Mauritius: The Le Morne Cultural Landscape which contains the Le Morne Brabant, a rock of refuge for slaves in the 18th and early 19th centuries; and Aapravasi Ghat, an original immigration depot, the first from when the British conducted “The Great Experiment.” Each of these sites have moving stories behind them; we’ll leave the telling to Mauritian tour guides, but know that that much culture and history is not one you come across every day (except you live in Mauritius, of course).


Shopping and Spa: You can find large malls and stores that carry local crafts and produce, and, it gets better: you can get high-end, designer brands for significantly less prices than in Europe. Also, Mauritius has world class spas at their hotels. Did someone say deep-tissue?

Wildlife: To complete the African experience, you can take a walk with lion cubs, or feed giraffes and lorikeets at Casela Wildlife Park.

Fun fact: The Dodo bird is now extinct, but did you know that Mauritius was its only known home?

We say Mauritius is one of the countries you have to visit before you die; but if we haven’t convinced you, maybe Tony will.