'Tis the Season to be Loving'!

Things look bleaker than usual in the world these days, but there is one thing that can make it better, one reason why we must never lose faith, and it is love. Love is the universal language, the one thing that binds us all as (well, that and music), and the only thing that continually heals the world. By love we don’t mean just feelings of affection towards a loved one; we mean love that reveals itself through acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and mindfulness. In this season of love, reach out to someone (or some people, according to your ability), show them love by being kind on purpose, do your part in making the world better for others to live in.

Thanks to you, our wonderful customers, Olori shows love all year round by partnering with Bridge International Academies, Nigeria, an organization that serves low-income families and those who live on less than $2 a day. According to UNESCO, there are 37% more girls than boys out of primary school. In Nigeria, there are 5.5 million girls out of school. As you know, our vision is to empower women and young girls around the world; to this end, and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have partnered with Bridge to bring education to the girl child. This means that every purchase you make is a contribution towards quality education for a little girl in Nigeria.

Here are some of the beneficiaries of the Olori-Bridge Scholarship Scheme*:


Glory is an intelligent six-year old whose education has been delayed due to financial setback. Her parents, father an artisan and mother a petty trader, work as hard as they can to provide for her and her sibling (who attends the same school), but Glory had to miss a full year of school because they could not make the required termly fees. Her favourite subject is English language.

Photo of School Girl 1


Ramat is six years old, in kindergarten. She is the first of six children born to a sand supplier father and a petty trader mother. She has had to miss school sometimes because her parents could not afford the termly fees required. Her future ambition is to be a medical doctor; she wants to be able to “heal people.”

Photo of School Girl 2


Ruby is also six years old, in kindergarten. Her father is an artisan and her mother a petty trader. Out of five children, she is the only one who goes to school. Her parents are thankful for the scholarship and the opportunity for their child to go to school; it has alleviated some of the family’s financial burdens.

Photo of School Girl 3

We look forward to and are working towards a future where every child is able to go to school, to get the best education they possibly can, and get empowered to be productive citizens of the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Queens! Have a memorable day and remember: no matter what day of the year it is, it’s always a good time for some giving and loving!


<*Recipients’ real names and photographs are not used in order to protect their identities.>